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Yoga Accessories
Yoga Accessories Initially originated in India some 3000 years ago, yoga is a primitive art, which mainly comprises of different types of exercises. Balancing your mind or body, reducing anxiety and improving mental clarity are the main goals of yoga. It is a therapeutic activity, which helps in the union of a person???s own mind, body and spirit. The different styles and forms of yoga exercises helps in improving circulation, vitalizing the abdominal organs and balancing the glandular system of our body. Today, yoga is gaining worldwide popularity because it emphasis on teaching people about the different ways of living peaceful life. There was a study conducted by a Yoga Journal which says that about 15 million of Americans practice yoga these days and spend around US $ 27 billion annually on yoga classes and yoga accessories such as yoga mats, yoga balls, bolsters, blankets, rugs, towels, straps, eye pillows, sand bags etc. Yoga offers innumerable benefits such as relaxation of both body and soul, normalizing body weight, increasing productivity and energy level.

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