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By Themedica on November 23, 2007 1:23 PM |
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Some of the weird allergies that might affect health are caused by some very common things. Allergies can affect anyone and it is very essential to identify what you are allergic to and find out the best available treatment for it.

  • themedicaKiss allergy: It may sound humorous that kisses can also trigger allergic reactions in humans. Real kisses can develop hives, rashes, itchy eyes, blisters on eyelids, puffy lips, wheezing and respiratory distress. A small peck on cheek does not pose any serious dangers but passionate kisses can. In order to prevent yourself from the risks of kiss allergy, one can take antihistamine tablets, topical creams, and other anti allergy medications. Besides medicines, one can also follow these simple steps such as brushing teeth, rinsing mouth and chewing gum properly before indulging into any type of kiss.

  • Underwear Allergy: is that type of reaction in which skin develops rashes, itching and even blisters. The underwear allergy is very troublesome to the extent that it is painful while touching or rubbing that area. Anyone suffering from underwear allergy can get rid of it very easily and quickly. The main reason responsible for causing this type of allergy in both men and women could be the different types of fabrics used in making it such as polyester, cotton, latex etc. The best solution for avoiding this type of allergy is to use high quality, skin friendly and bacterial resistant underpants. In case of severe reactions, one should consult a dermatologist.

  • themedicaBanana Allergy: Banana is an edible fruit that can also result in allergic reactions after consuming it. The symptoms of this type of allergy include itching, swollen lips, hives, stomach infections, asthma and even a slight drop in blood pressure. Those who get instant reactions just after consuming banana or banana based products should consult a doctor and stop consuming it until a proper diagnose is done. To identify this allergy, banana skin test along with a blood test can be undertaken. Once it is detected patients should avoid the intake of both fresh banana and banana based products. A banana free diet should be followed and anti-allergy medications can be also taken.

  • themedicaFootwear Allergy: is basically a type of inflammation that occurs when skin of the foot comes in contact with a particular substance such as rubber, chemicals used in tanning leather, adhesives and dyes. It results in red and swollen skin that can blister. To diagnose allergies caused by footwear, a patch testing is performed. In this type of test, small amounts of potential allergens are directly applied onto the skin with tape strips, which are removed after a span of two days. People with footwear allergy can be treated medically.

  • themedicaEgg Allergy: is one of the types of food allergy. It usually occurs within minutes to hours after consuming eggs in any form. The symptoms of egg allergy are wheezing, headache, nausea, stomachache, and itchy hives. A worst form of egg allergy could lead to anaphylaxis, which may result into swelling of mouth, throat and lungs, and even decrease in blood pressure. Those who are extremely allergic to eggs may get anaphylactic reaction even by inhaling egg fumes or getting egg on the skin. Egg allergy can be diagnosed by performing a skin test. This type of allergy can be treated medically by using antihistamines or epinephrine. If you are highly sensitive to egg, then you should avoid both fresh egg or egg based products. You can even try egg free products and make sure you scrub the utensils carefully that contains eggs while cooking at home.

  • Water Allergy: This type of allergy results in severe swelling of tongue, mouth, lips, eyes and throat after consuming water. In this type of allergy usually chemicals are responsible for causing serious disorders. This allergic reaction can be cured by drinking either bottled water or sterilized water. Another worst form of water allergy is the aquagenic pruritis in which human body develops rashes and itches as soon as they take a shower or swim. Regarding the treatment of this condition, some anti allergic creams or drugs can be taken only after the prior recommendation of the doctor.

  • Wool Allergy: is a very rare type of allergy in which it is very difficult to wear woolen clothes. Also called as wool sensitivities, in this form of allergy rashes starts developing on face, arms and hands. To identify it, a simple patch test can be done using wool alcohols. If you are uncomfortable wearing wool, then you will have to use an alternate fiber for knitting woolen clothes or you can wear cotton clothes under the woolen garments.

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