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Osteoporosis- A Silent Killer
By Themedica on December 27, 2007 10:49 AM |
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Did you know that one in every three women and one in every twelve men in this world who are over the age of 50 are more susceptible to develop fragile bones, which could lead to a condition called osteoporosis. Anyone can suffer from this malady but women are the worst sufferers who are four times more likely to develop this ailment than men. It is that condition in which your bones become fragile and more prone to break. If not treated at the right time then it weakens the bone over a period of time resulting in the higher risks for breaking bones in near future.


Osteoporosis is a silent killer that may affect any part of the body including spine, hips, and wrists. The fracture caused by this disorder can either be in the form of collapsing or cracking of bones. The main risk factors of this disease are estrogen deficiency, decrease in testosterone levels, menopause, low body mass index, calcium or vitamin deficiency, alcoholism, insufficient physical activity, intake of soft drinks, poor nutrition, malabsorption, chronic inflammations, hyperthyroidism, sedentary lifestyle and immobility.


The condition of osteoporosis can be diagnosed by measuring the bone mineral density, which can be done through dual energy X-ray absorptiometry scan. Even a routine X-ray and blood test can also help in determining osteoporosis of the bone.

If you are suffering from osteoporosis then it is very much necessary to take preventive steps. The most health-threatening consequence of osteoporosis is the bone fracture. This disorder of the bones can be cured and treated by taking number of medications like calcitonin, bisphosphonates, estrogen or hormone replacement therapy, teriparatide, selective estrogen receptor modulators, and strontium ranelate. Besides medications, weight bearing exercises, resistance training exercises and lifestyle changes are some of the best ways of preventing osteoporosis. Regular exercises, quitting cigarettes, and reducing consumption of alcohol are also important for reducing the risks of osteoporosis.

Other measures, which may be taken for the prevention of this serious condition are: make sure you eat well balanced diet comprising of at least 1000 mg of calcium daily, minimize or avoid the consumption of those medicines which can trigger osteoporosis, include enough vitamin D between 400-800 IU/day in your diet, take proper rest, and limit the intake of caffeine, add soy in your diet.

Even, self-care at home is the best remedial method available for preventing this disorder of bone. Maintaining good posture, walking, jogging, stair climbing, wearing low-heeled shoes, reducing hazards in the house that poses greater risk of falling, carefully lift the heavy items, and using a cane or walker while walking will lessen the dangers of getting affected by osteoporosis. In case of sheer emergency, consult the best rheumatologists, as they will provide you with the better ways of preventing and curing osteoporosis.


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