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Medical Industry Associations in Belgium
Following section offers an easy and quick access to major medical industry associations in Belgium. Under this section, you can view the full-fledged details of various pharma industry associations and other healthcare industry associations of Belgium with their complete contact profiles.
European Disposables and Nonwovens Association
DESCRIPTION: Set up in 1971, EDANA is an international federation comprising of more than 190 member companies employed in nonwovens and related industries based in 26 countries all across the world. The key function of this association is to advance the interests of non-wovens and absorbent hygiene product industries and their suppliers who are operating their businesses in Europe, Africa and Middle East.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Avenue Eugène Plasky, 157, B-1030 Brussels, Belgium
+ (32)-(2) 734 93 10
+ (1)-(2) 734 93 10
European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association
DESCRIPTION: The European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association is the trade association, consisting of 30 corporate associate members and 21 national associations that represents the In Vitro Diagnostic industry active in Europe. The association came into establishment in 1979 with the key objective of ensuring free and fair movement of In Vitro Diagnostic products within Europe.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Place des Maïeurs, 2, 1150 Woluwe Saint-Pierre, Brussels, Belgium
+ (32)-(2) 772 2225
+ (1)-(2) 772 2225
DESCRIPTION: Eucomed is an official body consisting of 4500 designers, manufacturers and suppliers of medical technology used in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and amelioration of disease and disability. Their main objective is to promote and improve the access of patients to new and modern medical technology. The organization also endeavors to encourage an environment, which will promote investment in the medical technology industry for the sheer benefit of patients, employees, companies and customers.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Place des Maïeurs, 2, 1150 Woluwe St. Pierre, Belgium
+ (32)-(2) 772 22 12
+ (1)-(2) 772 22 12
Health First Europe
DESCRIPTION: Health First Europe is a non-profit alliance consisting of whole ensemble of patients, healthcare workers, healthcare experts, and the medical technology industry. It was incorporated in March 2004 as an enlightening and informative platform which puts emphasize on the very fact that the development of modern and flexible ways of healthcare delivery would be a boon for both patients and healthcare providers.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Chaussée de Wavre 214 D, 1050 Brussels, BELGIUM
+ (32)-(2) 626 1999
+ (1)-(2) 626 1999
Association of European Self Medication
DESCRIPTION: The Association of European Self Medication came into existence in 1964, with the main objective of improving the standards of non-prescription medicines and self care products industry within Europe. The active members of this organization include national associations and various international companies who are involved in the field of self-care, food supplements and self-medication. It tries to cultivate perfect and advantageous relationships with the European stakeholders with the help of effective and efficient strategic alliances.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 7 Avenue de Tervuren, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
+ (32)-(2) 735 51 30
+ (32)-(2) 735 51 30
European Society of Clinical Pharmacy
DESCRIPTION: ESCP is an international organization formed in 1979 by a group of clinical practitioners, educators and researchers based in several European countries. The central goal of this body is to develop and encourage the apt use of medicines and medical products by the public. The key members of this organization are clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacists, community pharmacists, researchers and educators based in 53 countries. It offers a platform where discussions relating to new developments and knowledge pertaining to clinical research takes place.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 300, Avenue de Tervueren, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
+ (32)-(2) 743 1542
+ (32)-(2) 743 1542


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