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Medical Industry Associations in France
The right place to find the detailed list of all the predominant medical industry associations in France. Select any of the French medical industry associations, French pharma industry associations, French healthcare industry associations, French medical equipment associations from the list featured below to directly visit their websites.
World Medical Association
DESCRIPTION: Officially founded on September 17, 1947, this is an international organization catering to the interests of physicians from 27 different countries. The association offers an interactive platform to its members for communicating and achieving highest standards of medical education, ethics, and health care for all the people in the world. It works in close cooperation with World Health Organization, health professional associations, regional medical associations, governmental and non-governmental bodies operating throughout the world.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 13, ch. du Levant, CIB - Bâtiment A, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire, France
+ (33)-(4) 50 40 75 75
+ (33)-(4) 50 40 75 75
National Association for Medical Technology Industry
DESCRIPTION: SNITEM is a national organization, formed in 1987 with a core objective of bringing together all the companies concerning medical technologies and devices industry. The key function of this organization is to unite together those companies who are involved in the marketing and distribution of medical products, medical devices and equipment. It is affiliated to two main associations namely: Machinery Manufacturers Federation and Electrical, Electronics and Communication Industries Federation.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Maison de la Mécanique / SNITEM, 39/41 rue Louis-Blanc, 92400 COURBEVOIE, France
+ (33)-(1) 47 17 63 88
+ (33)-(1) 47 17 63 88
World Self Medication Industry
DESCRIPTION: WSMI is a non-governmental alliance of more than 50 members bodies representing manufacturers and distributors of nonprescription medicines on all continents. The organization is affiliated to many international organizations namely World Medical Association, International Pharmaceutical Federation, International Council of Nurses, ICH, WIPO, and Codex Alimentarius. It facilitates the promotion of self-medication by organizing medical conferences, seminars, and symposia both at domestic and international level.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 13, ch. du Levant, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire - France
+ (33)-(450) 284728
+ (33)-(450) 284728
Association of the Food Industries for Particular Nutritional Uses of the European Union
DESCRIPTION: IDACE is a representative platform of the manufacturers of dietetic food within the European union. To increase the understanding of foods for special dietary needs it works in liaison with health professionals and consumer groups comprising patients, women, etc. It also organizes workshops to increase awareness about nutritional needs among the public.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 194, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris, France
+ (33)-(1) 5345 8787
+ (33)-(1) 5345 8787
European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
DESCRIPTION: European Hospital Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is a professional group comprising of about 21,000 hospital pharmacists based in European Union. The central goal of this working group is to serve the interests and work for the advancement of the position and role of the pharmacists in hospitals. It also aims at establishing a common pharmaceutical doctrine within European countries.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 40 Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 79000 NIORT, France
+ (33)-(5) 49 78 28 44
+ (33)-(5) 49 78 28 44
French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products
DESCRIPTION: 1.French Agency for Veterinary Medicinal Products (ANMV) is a scientific body founded under the supervision of the French Ministry of Agriculture and the French Ministry of Health. The main task of this body is to grant marketing authorization for veterinary medicinal products. It also grants import authorizations and deliver export certificates for veterinary medicinal products.
CONTACT ADDRESS: BP 90203, La Haute Marche - Javené, 35302 Fougères cedex, France
+ (33)-(2) 99947878
+ (33)-(2) 99947878


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