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Medical Industry Associations in Germany
Get the information about all the important medical industry associations in Germany. This section includes a small contact directory of several German Pharma Industry Associations, German Medical Industry Associations, German Healthcare Industry Associations, German Biotech Industry Associations, and German Medical Equipment Associations. Please choose any of the association from the list to directly link to its respective website.
DESCRIPTION: BAT is a German medical Association of dedicated physicians which believes in ensuring good medical care of the population by way of a constant exchange of experience between the medical associations and mutual harmonisation of their goals and activities.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Federal medical association, Study group of the German medical associations, Post office 120 864, 1
+ (49)-(30) 400456 0
+ (49)-(30) 400456 0
German Medical Technology Association
DESCRIPTION: German Medical Technology Association is a trade organization, comprising of 200 manufacturers and service providers of medical devices. This is a representative body of manufacturers and suppliers of wound management products, bandages, syringes, catheters, cannulae, ostomy and incontinence products.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Reinhardtstr. 29 b, D - 10117 Berlin, Germany
+ (49)-(030) 246 255 - 0
+ (49)-(030) 246 255 - 0
Professional Association For Ayurveda Practitioners and Therapists
DESCRIPTION: This is an independent organization that came into formation to serve the practitioners of natural medicine and therapists in the different fields of ayurveda such as ayurvedic medicine, ayurvedic therapy, ayurvedic consultation, ayurvedic massage and wellbeing. Presently, it has over 500 Ayurvedic medical professionals as its current members.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Geschäfststelle Martina Thurner, An der Falkenwiese 9, D-85128 Nassenfels, Germany
+ (49)-(8424) 885758
+ (49)-(8424) 885758
Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices
DESCRIPTION: This is an authoritative organization that was formed in July 1975 to serve the physicians, pharmacists, chemists, biologists, technical assistants and administrative staff. It works under the guidance and support of Federal Ministry of Health to prevent health risks by continuous improvement in the safety of medicinal products. At present, it comprises of over 1000 members including physicians, pharmacists, technical assistants, administrative staff, biologists etc.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Kurt-Georg-Kiesinger-Allee 3, D 53175 Bonn, Germany
+ (49)-(228) 20730
+ (49)-(228) 20730
German Society of Hospital Pharmacists
DESCRIPTION: The German Society of Hospital Pharmacists was set up in 1927 by a group of chief pharmacists and assistant pharmacists. Presently, it has 1500 German based pharmacists as its active members. The main objective of this organization is to cooperate with pharmaceutical organizations both on national and international level and to represents hospital pharmacy in the fields of politics, administration and other organizations.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Evangelisches Krankenhaus Bielefeld, Apotheke im Johannesstift, Schildescherstr 99, 33611 Bielefeld
+ (49)-(228) 20730
+ (49)-(228) 20730
German Homeopathy Society
DESCRIPTION: German Homeopathy society is a professional organization dedicated to serve the German based Homeopathic Medicine professionals. The main aim of this non-profit body is to form a united and regulated body of qualified homeopathy practitioners who provide safe, effective and professional homeopathic healthcare to the public.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Geschäftsstelle, Saubsdorfer Str. 9, 86807 Buchloe, Germany
+ (49)-(8241) 911680
+ (49)-(8241) 911680


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