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Medical Industry Associations in Korea
A perfect place where you can get the entire details of medical industry associations in Korea. This section not only provides contact details of Korean Pharma Industry Associations, Korean Medical Industry Associations, Korean Healthcare Industry Associations but also links to their respective websites.
Korea Medical Association
DESCRIPTION: KMA is a professional group of physicians that undertakes research and development of health policies, promotion of professional freedom, and provides funds for development of medical science in the country. It was incorporated in 1908, with only 66 members, which has now risen to 80,000 members. It undertakes the promotion of health and welfare by actively participating in major international organizations namely the World Medical Association, the Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania, etc.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 302-75 Ichon1-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-721, Korea
+ (82)-(2) 794 2474
+ (82)-(2) 794 2474
Korean Dental Association
DESCRIPTION: This is a national organization, formed under the medical law to serve the rights and professional ethics of Dentists and also undertake the development of public oral health with the help of 18 branch associations and 19 branch academies of dentistry. Furthermore, it also tries to uplift the status of Korean dental society through global exchange.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 81-7 Song Jung-dong, Sungdong- gu, Seoul, Korea
+ (82)-(2) 4986320
+ (82)-(2) 4986320
Korean Research Based Pharmaceutical Industry Association
DESCRIPTION: KRPIA is the representative body of research-based companies that deliver innovative new medicines to the market through continuous research. Formed in March 1999, this body comprises of 24 multinational research based pharmaceutical companies operating their businesses in Korea. Presently, it has 27 leading pharmaceutical companies as its active members.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 5th Fl., DaeHan Bldg., 201-6 Guui-Dong, Kwangjin-Gu, Seoul 143-200, Korea
+ (82)-(2) 4568553
+ (82)-(2) 4568553
Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association
DESCRIPTION: Founded in October 1975, KPTA is a professional trade entity, which aims to promote and foster international trade business through scientific research and training program and also ensures that the Korean society is free from diseases. It undertakes research and case studies related to laws, regulations and systems governing pharmaceutical industry.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 1801 World Trade Center, Samsung-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea
+ (82)-(2) 60001851
+ (82)-(2) 60001851
Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
DESCRIPTION: KPMA was formed in October 1945 with the main aim of serving and protecting the interests of its member firms and ensure the sound development of Korean pharmaceutical industry. It also undertakes research and study of related laws, regulations and systems relating to pharmaceutical sector
CONTACT ADDRESS: 990-2 Bangbae1- Dong Seocho-Ku, Seoul, Korea
+ (82)-(2) 5812101
+ (82)-(2) 5812101
Korean Aroma Society
DESCRIPTION: Korean Aromatherapy Society is a professional body that aims at promotion and development of practice of Aromatherapy within the country. The main objective of this organization is to inculcate and encourage the professional practice of Aromatherapy among its respective members.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 403 Kwang-Jung BD, 579 Shinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea.
+ (82)-(2) 514 7651
+ (82)-(2) 514 7651
Korea Association of Health Promotion
DESCRIPTION: It was formally inaugurated in April 1982 to promote and advance excellent medical services throughout the Korea. The association organizes various health awareness programmes like anti-smoking, moderation in drinking, mental health, nutrition, exercise, and accident prevention in order to improve the health and well being of Koreans. The core mission of this body is to contribute significantly towards the national health promotion by undertaking various surveys, educational programmes, and health projects.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 1097, Hwagok 6 Dong, Kangseo-Gu, Seoul, Korea 157-704
+ (82)-(2) 26016141
+ (82)-(2) 26016141
Korean Aromatherapy Association
DESCRIPTION: Korean Aromatherapy Association is a statutory body that aims at promoting the high standards of education and practice within the aroma therapy profession. It also informs the public about the latest Aromatherapy products and services available in the market.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 204, 2nd fl. Korea Techno-Venture Foundation, 231-1 SungSu 2-Ga, SungDong-Gu, Seoul, 133-826, Korea
+ (82)-(2) 593 7070
+ (82)-(2) 593 7070


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