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Medical Industry Associations in New Zealand
This section provides information about Medical Industry Associations in New Zealand with quick access to their respective websites. Information cover all the major medical trade associations in New Zealand such as New Zealand Pharma Industry Associations, New Zealand Medical Industry Associations, New Zealand Healthcare Industry Associations, and New Zealand Medical Equipment Industry Associations.
Association of Salaried Medical Specialists
DESCRIPTION: ASMS is a professional union that works for ensuring excellent health care services in the country as well as for the instant recognition of professional voice of its respective members. It undertakes the promotion and furtherance of professional interests of salaried doctors and dentists working in New Zealand. The organization works in close coordination with Australian Medical Association, Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation and British Medical Association.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Clayton Ford House, Level 8, 132 The Terrace, PO Box 10763, Wellington, New Zealand
+ (65)-(62) 206068
+ (65)-(62) 206068
New Zealand Resident Doctor’s Association
DESCRIPTION: New Zealand Resident Doctor’s Association is the sole representative organization dedicated to serve trainee interns, house surgeons, SHOs and registrars. It was established in 1985,with the sole objective of improving the working conditions of house surgeons, registrars and SHOs. The organization represents the interests of its members by working in close cooperation and coordination with government, colleges, the Medical Council and other representatives involved within the health sector.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 56431, Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
+ (64)-(9) 623 3993
+ (64)-(9) 623 3993
Medical Assurance Society
DESCRIPTION: Medical Assurance Society is a professional alliance which has been assisting and serving health Professionals, with their business financial needs for over 80 years. It was formed in 1921 with the sole aim of providing insurance, financial and investment services to the healthcare professionals based in New Zealand. The organization actively works in liaison with New Zealand Medical Association, New Zealand Veterinary Association and the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists.
CONTACT ADDRESS: P O Box 13042 Wellington, 19-21 Broderick Road Johnsonville Wellington, New Zealand
+ (64)-(9) 623 3993
+ (64)-(9) 623 3993
New Zealand Nurse Organization
DESCRIPTION: New Zealand Nurse Organization is a leading professional foundation dedicated to fulfill the interests of nurses, midwives, caregivers and other healthcare professionals based in New Zealand. The organization came into formation on 1 April 1993, by merging two organizations namely Nurses Association and Nurses Union together. It works in close relationship with World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, UNICEF and UNESCO.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 2128 Wellington, Westbrook House 181-183 Willis Street Wellington, New Zealand
+ (64)-(4) 385 0847
+ (64)-(4) 385 0847
Medical Council of New Zealand
DESCRIPTION: Medical Council of New Zealand is a professional foundation that undertakes the registration of doctors in the country. The council prepares a medical register of practicing doctors and issues them authentic certificates. It monitors and supervises the training of medical students and new doctors so as to ensure that excellent medical education is imparted within the country.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Level 12 Mid City Tower, 139 - 143 Willis St, P O Box 11 649, Wellington, New Zealand
+ (64)-(4) 384 7635
+ (64)-(4) 384 7635
New Zealand Medical Association
DESCRIPTION: NZMA is a pan-professional medical organization of the country, which promotes professional unity, values and the health of New Zealanders. This is an umbrella organization, which works in coordination with New Zealand Medical Students Association, New Zealand Branch of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists and Medical Assurance Society.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 156 Wellington, 26 The Terrace Wellington, New Zealand
+ (64)-(4) 472 4741
+ ( 64)-(4) 472 4741
Dental Council of New Zealand
DESCRIPTION: It is the statutory foundation established under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 with the main objective of maintaining and promoting self-regulation of the dental professions throughout the country. It authorizes the registration of the dental practitioners and issue them practicing certificates. The organization also aims at promotion and advancement of the health of practitioners by setting the clinical, cultural and ethical standards.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Level 8, 108 The Terrace, PO Box 10-448, Wellington, New Zealand
+ (64)-(4) 4994820
+ (64)-(4) 4994820
Medical Industry Association of New Zealand
DESCRIPTION: Set up in 1979, Medical Industry Association of New Zealand comprises of 120 manufacturers, importers and distributors of medical devices, diagnostic reagents and dental products. The main aim of this organization is to assist its members by providing them sound healthcare environment and services that help them to prosper and contribute effectively towards the health of New Zealanders.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Level 1, 60 Khyber Pass Rd, PO Box 8378, Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand
+ (64)-(9) 917 3645
+ (64)-(9) 917 3645
Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand
DESCRIPTION: The Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand is a national organization that was formed in 1930 to further the professional and commercial interests of retail pharmacy within the country. This organization is working continuously towards the development of community pharmacists, and assists them in rationalizing their businesses.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 124 Dixon St, Te Aro, P O Box 27139, Marion Square Wellington 6141, New Zealand
+ (64)- ()-(4) 3848085
+ (64)-(4) 3848085
New Zealand Homeopathic Society
DESCRIPTION: New Zealand Homeopathic Society was incorporated in February 1991 to promote and advance the use of homeopathy in the country. This organization was actually formed by Alfred George Grove, a lay practitioner and his group with the core objective of ensuring adequate supply of homeopathy practitioners within the country.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 320 Mt Eden Road, Box 67 095, Mt Eden, Auckland 1030 New Zealand
+ (64)-(9) 6305458
+ (64)-(9) 6305458
New Zealand Council of Homeopaths
DESCRIPTION: NZCH came into formation in January 1999 by merging: the registers of the New Zealand Homeopathic Society, the New Zealand Institute of Classical Homeopathy and the New Zealand Accreditation Board of Natural Therapies. Presently, its membership is extended to more than 200 qualified physicians and trained professionals throughout the country. It strengthens the integrity of homeopathy profession by providing quality care, education, research and development in each and every aspect of homeopathy.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 51-195, Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand
+ (64)-(9) 6305458
+ (64)-(9) 6305458


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