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Medical Industry Associations in South Africa
In this section you can preview the primary details of all the medical industry associations in South Africa such as South African Pharma Industry Associations, South African Medical Industry Associations, South African Healthcare Industry Associations, South African Medical Equipment Industry Associations etc. Click on the industry associations name below to get more information about Medical Industry Associations in South Africa.
Islamic Medical Association of South Africa
DESCRIPTION: IMA, a non-governmental organization, was officially inaugurated in 1980 with the core mission of promoting and furthering a better understanding and appreciation of Islam and of Medicine within the framework of Islam. The association imparts relevant information, research and educational programmes relating to Islamic study circles, seminars, meetings, conferences etc. It offers humanitarian services such as relief operations, clinics, rehabilitation centers and hospitals to those in need.
CONTACT ADDRESS: P.O. Box 48786 , Qualbert 4078, Durban, South Africa
+ (27)-(31) 2072250
+ (27)-(31) 2072250
South African Medical Association
DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1927, the South African Medical Association (SAMA) is an independent, non-profit professional association dedicated to serve the public and private sector medical practitioners based in South Africa. It was formed by merging two renowned associations namely Medical Association of South Africa and Progressive Doctors Group. This is a trade union that aims to promote and encourage the integrity and image of medical profession within the country. It also undertakes the promotion and advancement of medical education, research and academic excellence.
CONTACT ADDRESS: P O Box 74789, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria 0040, South Africa
+ (27)-(31) 2072250
+ (27)-(31) 2072250
South African Medical Device Industry Association
DESCRIPTION: South African Medical Device Industry Association is a voluntary professional trade association dedicated to create and provide a supportive framework for the profitable growth of the medical device industry within the country.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 651761, Benmore 2010, South Africa
+ (27)-(11) 777 7585
+ (27)-(11) 777 7585
Association of Veterinary and Crop Associations of South Africa
DESCRIPTION: Set up in 1958, this organization was formed with the main aim of promoting those companies involved in the crop protection and animal health products industry within South Africa. This umbrella organization is further composed of South African Animal Health Association, CropLife SA, and Agricultural Chemical Distribution Associations of South Africa. The organization’s main aim is to offer guidelines for the safe and secure storage of animal health products on the farm.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Lanzerac, Constantia Park 526 - 16th Road, Midrand, PO Box 1995, Halfway House, 1685, Republic of S
+ (27)-(11) 805 2000
+ (27)-(11) 805 2000
South African Association of Hospital & Institutional Pharmacists
DESCRIPTION: SAAHIP is the professional trade organization that is dedicated to pharmacists who practice in hospitals, clinics and managed care organizations. The main objective of this body is to introduce and promote reforms and draft legislation concerning hospital and institutional pharmacy. It also helps in maintaining and upholding the professional integrity of hospital and institutional pharmacists. The organization also foster and draft reforms and improvements in the laws concerning hospital and institutional pharmacy.
CONTACT ADDRESS: PO Box 26039, Arcadia, 0007, South Africa
+ (27)-(12) 301 0820
+ (27)-(12) 301 0820
South African Pharmacy Council
DESCRIPTION: SAPC is a national body that undertakes the promotion of the health of South Africans. It also undertakes the promotion of pharmaceutical care by establishing and developing universal standards in pharmaceutical education, research and training throughout the country. The organization advises the Minister of Health or any other person on the diverse range of issues relating to pharmacy.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 591 Belvedere Street, PO Box 40040, Arcadia 0084, South Africa
+ (27)-(12) 3198510
+ (27)-(12) 3198510
Health System Trust
DESCRIPTION: Health System Trust came into formation in 1992 with the main aim of promoting and advancing scientific research through designing and planning effective programmes towards restructuring of the health system within the country. The main mission of this body is to build an effective and efficient national health system by assisting the implementation of functional health districts in the country. HST works in close coordination with Department of Health, academic and research institutions, society and parliamentarians.
CONTACT ADDRESS: 401 Maritime House, Salmon Grove, Victoria Embankment, PO Box 808, Durban, 4000, South Africa
+ (27)-(31) 3072954
+ (27)-(31) 3072954
Homeopathic Association of South Africa
DESCRIPTION: HSA is the official body representing the interests of homeopathic professionals and practitioners of South Africa. It works in close liaison with Government, the Department of Health, Allied Health Professions Council and several other organizations. In order to ensure better health and well being of South Africans, the association undertakes the advancement of homeopathic practitioner, their profession, education and training.
CONTACT ADDRESS: Suite 293, Private Bag X11, Craighall 2024, South Africa
+ (27)-(86) 111 4547
+ (27)-(86) 111 4547


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