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The biotechnology industry touches upon so many essential aspects of the US economy such as agriculture, medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drugs , marine and aquatic life, ...

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  Biotechnology Products
Biotechnology companies refer to biotechnology as the industrial application of living organisms and biological techniques developed through pure research. Biotechnology companies make biotechnology products by manipulating and modifying organisms, usually at molecular level. It is a vast discipline and has numerous practical applications in agriculture, and biotech pharmaceutical industry. A number of biotechnology companies are engaged in the business of biotech. Biotechnology products in medicine are manufactured by biotech companies using recombinant DNA technology, which entails genetic manipulation of cells, or a monoclonal antibody. Comprising a diverse range of substances, these products made by biotech companies are widely used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of many types of diseases.

Since biotechnology products are biological products, meaning that they include those where the starting material may be human or animal tissue or of microbiological origin, they often require biotech products like complex bioassay systems to monitor their potency.

Blood biotechnology products and vaccines are the two largest groups of biologicals manufactured by biotech companies and make up for a large part of biotech pharmaceutical industry. Other products of the kind made by biotechnology companies include hormones, antibody products, larger peptides and a range of group of tissue derived products. At the same time assay systems are generously used by the biotech pharmaceutical industry to develop quality biotech products.
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Antibody Products
These biotech products are usually y-shaped proteins, present in blood or other bodily fluids of vertebrates. These antibody products made by biotechnology companies are used by the immune system for determining and neutralizing foreign objects, namely bacteria and viruses. At present, the size of antibody products market is worth more than US US $ 3 billion, with a large part of it used up by the biotech pharmaceutical segment. A number biotechnology suppliers market these biotech products wholesale.
Antibody Biotechnology Products

Assay Systems
Biotech companies refer to an assay as a technique with which a property or concentration of a substance is measured. Assays conducted with the aid of biotech products are frequently utilized in molecular biology scientific research laboratories. There are a large number of assays in use for medical purposes by biotech pharmaceutical companies, such as antigen capture assays, bioassay, competitive protein binding assays, immunoassay, microbiological assays, stem cell assay, concentration assays, etc. Each of the different types of assay requires a host of products made by made by biotechnology companies . Assay systems, the biotech products, are sets of aids, apparatus and tools which help in performing assays. To meet the needs of the industry this biotechnology equipment is available as wholesale biotech supplies by manufacturers.
Assay Systems Biotechnology Products
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These biotech products are heavy weight complex nitrogenous organic compounds usually made up of amino acids. During their production the biotech companies group amino acids in a linear chain which are then interconnected together with the help of peptide bonds occurring between the carboxyl and amino groups. Some well-know proteins of varying types made by all the biotech companies are amino acids, enzymes viz. phosphatase, peptides and recombinant protein. The market for proteins, the biotech products, in the global economy was worth US $2.3 billion in 2005, which later rose to reach a value of US $ 2.4 billion for the biotech pharmaceutical sector.
Proteins Biotechnology Products

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