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Assay Systems
Assay Systems A branch of pharmacology that is frequently used for determining the presence or concentration of antibodies or infectious agents in a human body is coined as assay systems. Biomedical researchers and clinicians affirm cell assay technologies play important roles in vast array of biomedical applications. The market is over poured with high throughput, label free, real time and simple cell assay systems for performing diverse biomedical procedures. ALS Laboratory Group, QCB, Boehringer Mannheim, Biolex Therapeutics, Invitrogen Corp., MAST Immunosystems and Perkin Elmer are the world leaders that offers geo chemical and assay services globally. The overall market for assay systems and biotechnology products is over US $ 4 billion, which is poised to increase by 20 percent every year.

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Assay Systems

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  Assay Systems

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