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Cleanrooms: Choosing The Right Gloves for Gloveboxes ...
Using gloveboxes is critical to ensure contamination control in cleanrooms, however a wrong glove choice may turn out to be expensive in terms of dexterity, resistance, safety, ...

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Cleanrooms refer to special chambers or facilities free from bacteria, dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Cleanrooms are secluded areas which are free from any type of contamination and even air within is filtered to exclude dust particles. Cleanrooms are mostly used in biotechnology, medical, life sciences, nuclear, electronics, aircraft and other industries who make products sensitive to environmental contamination.Cleanrooms can be quite large, sometimes a whole manufacturing facility covering thousands of square meters may be turned into a cleanroom. A variety of cleanroom product supplies are needed to keep cleanrooms in order. Some frequently used items used in operating cleanrooms include wastewater treatment system, ultrasonic cleanroom equipment, humidity control system, cleanroom particle counter, cleanroom panel filter, cleanroom desiccator, cleanroom air handling system, humidity testing devices, pressure gauge, etc.

In the medical industry, cleanrooms are a commonplace. A number of measures are taken to keep the contaminants inside the facility within specified limits including cleanroom supplies, cleanroom equipment supplies, cleanroom product supplies and cleanroom services. For instance, the air supplied to a cleanroom from outside is filtered to hold back dust and other contaminants. Also, the air inside is recirculated through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) and ultra low penetration air (ULPA) filters, both of these cleanroom product supplies and cleanroom equipment supplies remove internally generated pollutants. These measures are often absolutely necessary for cleanrooms. Also the air pressure within cleanroom is monitored using devices such as the pressure gauge.

Further, the staff working within a cleanroom or the professionals rendering cleanroom services, enter and leave the enclosure through airlocks and air shower stages. In addition, the cleanroom equipment supplies and cleanroom supplies viz. mops and buckets, furniture, stationary, garments are specially designed to produce minimal air contamination. Cleanrooms also require periodic maintainable provided by companies providing cleanroom services, who use specialized cleanroom product supplies.
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Cleanroom Cleaning Equipment
Cleanroom cleaning equipment is a set of essential cleanroom supplies. It refers to all cleanroom supplies and cleanroom equipment supplies used to mop, sweep, disinfectant by using disinfectants viz. formaldehyde, ethylene oxide, halogens, alcohols, etc. Cleanroom cleaning aids are specially designed so as to generate minimal contamination. Commonly used cleanroom cleaning equipment include specialized mops and buckets, cleaning and disinfecting solutions, cleanroom vacuum cleaners, cleanroom wipers, bucket and wringers, disposable cleaning rollers, motorized shoe cleaners, air dusters, etc. Though there's a wide range of cleanroom cleaning equipment available, the responsibility cleaning a cleenroom facility is entrusted with companies engaged in cleanroom services at pharmaceutical cleanroom or an other type of a cleanroom.
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Cleanroom Disposable
Cleanroom disposables are a cleanroom supplies which consists of different types of disposable cleanroom supplies or cleanroom product supplies that can be thrown away after a single use or after a specified duration of time. A broad variety of cleanroom supplies of cleanroom disposables are available in the market such as powder free gloves, bags, boot, shoes, cap, cover, shoe cover, neoprene gloves, sleeve, mats, masks, face veils, labels, etc. These disposables are both used by the cleanroom staff as well as by companies providing cleanroom services. Presently, the worldwide market for cleanroom disposable industry is approximately US $10.8 billion, which will rise to US $ 14 billion in the coming few years.
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Cleanroom Equipment
Cleanroom equipment supplies are cleanroom supplies comprising furniture, tools and other cleanroom product supplies meant specifically for cleanrooms. Cleanroom equipment supplies are exclusively designed for generating minimal air contamination. Some frequently used cleanroom equipment supplies include cleanroom particle counter, humidity controller, steel cleanroom equipment, cleanroom ULPA filter, cleanroom cart, cleanroom chair, cleanroom cabinet, cleanroom conveyor system, humidity meter, cleanroom air filters, etc. The total size of the cleanroom equipment supplies industry is valued at US $ 20 million, and by the end of 2010 the worth of this cleanroom supplies industry is expected to reach US $1.6 billion.
Cleanroom Equipment
Cleanroom Garments
These cleanroom supplies are non-woven disposable safety garments, specifically meant to be worn in the cleanrooms. Some widely used cleanroom garments are hoods, smocks, aprons, coveralls, wipes, frocks, suits, gowns, lab coats and undergarments. These cleanroom product supplies are designed to be comfortable and are made of fabric, which filters human-dispersed contamination. In addition, these cleanroom supplies are especially designed to provide a protective covering to a person who wear them, thereby preventing unfiltered body emissions to disperse into the cleanroom. Examples of common cleanroom garments are fume hood, laminar flow hood, cleanroom smocks, cleanroom wipes, laminar flow hood, cleanroom labcoat, cleanroom frock, cleanroom coverall, cleanroom apron, etc. Globally, the cleanroom garments industry is worth US $ 35 billion.
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Cleanroom Service
Cleanroom Services Cleanroom services include a wide variety of professional services such as cleanroom certification, cleaning, construction, installing cleanroom equipment supplies, contamination, design, engineering, maintenance, testing, and retrofitting services. Most cleanroom facilities opt for cleanroom services, because the service providers have the requisite cleanroom equipment supplies and skilled personnel to carry out services. The global cleanroom service industry valued at US $ 11 billion.

Laminar Flow Clean Room
Laminar Flow Clean Room Laminar flow clean room is an enclosure that is dust free or and is mostly used in laboratory work and for assembling and repairing of precision equipment. These contaminant free rooms offer filtered airflow across the work area. It moves all the air either in vertical or horizontal pattern. The laminar flow clean rooms are equipped with superior quality filters that purify all the incoming matter. The common fabrication styles of laminar flow clean room are modular hardwall, conventional, mini environment, modular softwall, and microenvironment. Each cleanroom designed today varies in design, structure, pattern, material, and shape.

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