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Cleanroom Garments
Cleanroom Garments People working in cleanrooms releases some kind of contaminated particles from their skin and apparel. Therefore it is very much mandatory for persons functioning in cleanrooms to wear protective clothing that would reduce this dispersion. The majority of cleanroom garments manufacturers these days are offering to its clients those types of cleanroom apparels that are made of special fabrics and does not disperse hazardous particles. Whatever may be the choice of fabric or design, protective apparel like coverall, facemask, hood, knee length boots, cap, and smocks have to be worn compulsorily prior entering into cleanroom. The overall import and export value of cleanroom garments industry is US $ 35 billion. This industry boast of various other sub-sectors namely cleanroom clothing, chemical protection clothing, industrial protective clothing and thermal clothing. The key niche industry players of cleanroom garments are Asatex, Bennett Safetywear, Kimberly Clark Corp., Trelleborg Protective Products AB, Workrite Uniform Co, Centurion Safety Products Ltd., Contamination Control Apparel Ltd., Sioen Industries, Cosalt PLC, and Tempex GmbH.

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Cleanroom Garments

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  Cleanroom Garments

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