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Cough Medicine
Cough Medicine According to a report by Nielsen Co, "Every year around 800 over-the-counter cough medicines and products are sold in United States and the sales figure of cold related medications is approximately US $ 3.7 billion". Cough medicines include a group of drugs, cough suppressants, expectorants and cough drops, which are used for treating coughing and related disorders. Different types of drugs can be used for either relieving your cough or treating your underlying disorder such as triprolidine, loratadine, clemastine, promehtazine, dextro- methorphan, phenyl- ephrine, tripel-ennamine, codeine, dex- chlorpheniramine, hydroxyzine, chlor- pheniramine and pseudo-ephedrine.

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Cough Medicine

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  Cough Medicine

 Ayurvedic Cough Medicines Guaifenesin Phenylephrine
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