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Endocrine Disorder Drug
Endocrine Disorder Drug A report prepared by the National Center for Health Statistics proclaim that about 47 percent of the US residents suffer from some kind of metabolic, endocrine and nutritional disorders such as diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia and other cardiovascular diseases. The endocrine disorder drug industry has a better potential for rapid growth in the future, driven by scientific and technological advances in the production of new drugs. This industry enjoys a total market share of around US $ 72.3 billion and is anticipated to rise to US $ 96.4 billion in 2011. Endocrine syndrome may lead to diabetes, cancers, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and pancreatic disorders in human beings. Also known as hormonal disorder, this syndrome is treated by various endocrine disorder drugs like iodine, progesterone, testosterone, insulin, estrogen, progestin, or androgens.

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Endocrine Disorder Drug

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  Endocrine Disorder Drug

 Corticosteroid Iodine Progesterone
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