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Fertility Drugs
Fertility Drugs Fertility drugs used to treat reproductive maladies are rapidly evolving as highly sophisticated products having multitude of pharmacological properties and clinical utilities. These medicines can either be taken orally or injected for treating those women who are affected by ovulation disorders. When these drugs are consumed then they release hormones present in the body, which regulate or trigger ovulation. Latest advancements in hormone based drugs has ushered a new revolution in infertility and contraception treatments. In the coming few years, the market for fertility medication is forecasted to expand tremendously with the help of new innovations and better R&D in the field of infertility treatments. Presently, the total value of this global fertility and hormonal contraceptives industry is US $ 7.1 billion, which is expected to increase to US $ 9.9 billion by 2012. The most popular fertility medicines readily available in the global pharmaceutical market are gonadotropins, clomiphene, bromocriptine, fertinex, pergonal, repronex and humegon.

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Fertility Drugs

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  Fertility Drugs
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