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Hiv Drug
Hiv Drug Worldwide, the market for human immuno deficiency virus (HIV) drug is transforming as briskly as the virus itself. The size of HIV drug industry is around US $ 8 billion, which is forecasted to expand dramatically by 50 percent. Human immuno deficiency virus or HIV is a pandemic disorder in which body's immune system fails to fight against the virus and ultimately leads to life-threatening and precarious infections. Around 40 million people all across the globe are suffering from HIV, and the potential market for its medications is very huge. This retrovirus HIV is mostly spread through exposure to contagious body fluids like blood and semen. Thousands of drugs are being manufactured in market to treat and prevent this chronic ailment. Agenerase, zidovudine, epzicom, aptivus, combivir, hivid, epivir, crixivan, truvada, fuzeon are some of the drugs used for treating HIV.

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Hiv Drug

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  Hiv Drug

 Lamivudine Zidovudine
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