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Hospital Table
Hospital Table The demand for medical furniture including hospital tables has steadily grown over the years. The total production of furniture during the period from 2001-02 was $3580 million. Also, growth trends in European Union (EU) show, that the furniture market grew from $73.0 million in 2005 to $75.5 by 2006, and to $80.9 million by 2008 from $78.2 million in 2007. With the consumers' expectations for improved healthcare increasing in both developed and developing countries, along with increases in healthcare spending, the market for hospital tables will also appreciate in value. In the United States, the health share of gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to reach 19.5 percent of GDP by 2016. While in 2001 and for the OECD countries the average was 8.4 percent with the United States (13.9%) leading the rest including Switzerland (10.9%), and Germany (10.7%).

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Hospital Table

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  Hospital Table

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