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Surgical Boxes

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Surgical Boxes
A surgical box is a workbox or a carry case, the purpose of which is to organize, carry, and protect surgical tools and instruments. These boxes are specially designed and comprise dividers, compartments and holders for organizing different types of surgical instruments and supplies while minimizing the clutter at the same time. Surgical boxes may be made from a range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, titanium, iron, etc. On the one hand the a plastic surgical box is lighter and less prone to rusting, the steel surgical boxes are sturdier. These boxes may be mechanically or magnetically latched and may be composed of transparent material to permit visual inspection of the instruments contained within, even when the box is closed. While the basic design is the same, there many be many variations in design depending upon the kinds of surgical instruments to be stored in these boxes. For instance, the size of an instrument may be small, medium or large. Further, these boxes may be constructed to store different instruments such as eye scissors, arthroscopes, sinoscopes, dental instruments, capsulotomy scissors, dermal Instrument, cast instruments, etc.

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  Surgical Boxes
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