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Laboratory Equipments - A Mini-Guide ...
Laboratory equipments are tools and devices used by scientists and researchers to carry out work in a laboratory. Laboratory equipment entail a range of gadgets and tools for ...

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  Laboratory Equipments
Laboratory equipments consist of tools or devices which are mostly used in clinical and research laboratories for either performing an experiment or for taking measurements and accumulating data. Laboratory equipment supplies cover a wide variety of products that can vary from a hand held multimeter or a microscope to huge and technically advanced electron accelerators. Numerous lab supplies companies are engaged in the trade of lab equipment, laboratory products and laboratory supplies. Commonly used laboratory equipment items include hybridisation ovens, microscope slides, cooled incubators, glove dispensers, digital microcentrifuges, ELISA microplate, plate sealing films, activated microplates, steriliser ovens, cooled water baths, inverted microscopes, etc.

The increases in laboratories around the world has spurred the growth of the laboratory products and laboratory supplies industry. For instance, just the UK's sales figure of laboratory products and laboratory supplies was an estimated US $3.75 Billion in 2005.
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Electrophoresis Equipment
Electrophoresis Equipment This is a device, which is specifically used for splitting up nucleic acids or proteins according to their size, electric charge, and other physical properties. There are two kinds of primary electrophoresis equipment namely gel electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis equipment. Both of them have similar functions, however in capillary electrophoresis equipment, the medium used for separation is not a gel but a liquid buffer.

Laboratory Centrifuge
Centrifuges are devices or laboratory equipment supplies used for separating colloidal particles from a solution based on their size, shape, density, and viscosity of the medium and rotor speed. An assorted range of centrifuge laboratory supplies and laboratory products are available in the market which are cytology, haemotocrit digital, hermle, vacuum concentrator, labnet and refrigerated centrifuge and other lab supplies. The global market for lab equipment and lab products of centrifuges is worth US $33.8 billion.

Lab Equipment - Centrifuge
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Refrigerated Centrifuge

Laboratory Microscopes
This is one of the oldest and most widely used laboratory equipment supplies for magnification magnifying objects. Typically, laboratory products and laboratory supplies of microscopes are used for viewing an enlarged image of a small object with the help of a light source, a condenser, an objective lens, and an ocular or eyepiece, which can be replaced by a recording device. There are many types of laboratory equipment supplies available in the market including inverted, metallurgical, portable, biological and stereo microscopes. The global market for lab equipment comprising microscopes and lab supplies of accessories combined is valued at US $1.65 billion.

Lab Equipment - Microscopes
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Biological MicroscopesInverted MicroscopesMetallurgical Microscopes
Portable MicroscopesStereo Microscopes 
Laboratory Autoclaves
Laboratory Autoclaves Is a vessel, which has the ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. More precisely, laboratory autoclave refers to pressurized devices specifically created to heat aqueous solutions above their boiling point for achieving sterilization. The basic types of laboratory autoclaves include: electrical heating in which water is heated to produce the steam and the other one is steam heating in which live steam is introduced from an external source. Some of the widely used laboratory autoclaves available in the market are front loading, top loading, and double-ended autoclaves.

Laboratory Consumables
These are basic laboratory equipment supplies used in clinical or research laboratories. A broad range of laboratory consumables, laboratory products and laboratory supplies are available in the market such as tubes, standard ovens, spatula, wash bottles, measuring cylinders, pipette tips, microplates, microscope slides, reagent bottle lab products, high temperature ovens, gloves and many more lab equipment and lab supplies.

Lab Products - Consumables
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Biological Safety CabinetsBottomed FlaskCentrifuge Bottles
Lab OvensLaboratory GlovesLaboratory Tubes
Measuring CylinderMicroplateMicroscope Slides
Pipette TipsReagent BottleSpatula
Wash Bottle  

Laboratory Incubator
Incubators are laboratory equipment supplies having a shape of boxes and are installed with regulators to control temperature, humidity, and other conditions inside them, so as to promote the growth of microbiological cultures. Incubators can be simple or sophisticated. Typical incubator laboratory products and laboratory supplies include an insulated box linked to an adjustable heater used to raise or lower the temperature of the enclosure. Incubators are a lab equipment whose sizes vary from being small enough to be placed on tabletops to the size of small rooms. Some commonly used laboratory equipment supplies of incubators are CO2 incubators (Modular), CO2 incubators (Standard lab supplies), hybridization ovens, incubator shakers, microplate incubators, standard laboratory incubators, incubators with refrigeration and other lab products and lab supplies.

Lab Equipment - Incubator
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Cooled IncubatorsPrecision IncubatorsShaking Incubators
Laboratory Mixers
Lab Equipment - Mixers Lab mixers are devices and lab products used for blending, emulsifying, homogenizing, and dissolving samples. These laboratory equipment supplies break down samples to uniformed-sized molecules with the help of maceration, cutting, and blending. Further most laboratory products and laboratory supplies of mixers can either be operated at ambient temperature or in an integral part of a shaking incubator. Some commonly used lab products for mixing include elmi mixers, falc mixers, karl hetch mixers, labnet mixer lab supplies, labroller mixers, stuart mixers and numerous other lab equipment and lab supplies.

Laboratory Water Bath
Laboratory water bath is a system in which a vessel containing the material to be heated is placed into or over the one containing water and to quickly heat it. These laboratory equipment supplies are available in different volumes and construction with both digital and analog controls and greater temperature uniformity, durability, heat retention and recovery. Typical water bath laboratory products and laboratory supplies comprise linked push button, an easy to set proportional microprocessor controller and easily readable LED displays. The chambers of water bath lab products are manufactured using rugged, leak proof and highly resistant stainless steel and other lab supplies.

Lab Products - Water Baths
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Cooled water bathsShaking Water BathsUltrasonic Baths
Viscosity Baths  

Medical Gas Equipments
Medical gas equipment comprise a wide range of devices such as gas cylinders, gas regulators, air compressors, oxygen masks and nasal cannula. All of those lab products and lab supplies have different uses and functions. The main function of medical gas laboratory products and laboratory supplies is to provide support to medical gas and vacuum supplies for hospitals, medical centers and clinics. Generally, these laboratory equipment supplies are made of high quality stainless steel, iron, and aluminum and are available in a variety of sizes, configurations and designs. Examples of gas equipement include nasal cannulas, cylinder gauge, laryngeal masks, endotracheal tube holders, pressure regulators, esophageal tracheal double lumens, medical gas hoses, cylinder washer, tracheal tube introducers, oxygen flowmeter, and more.

Lab Products - Medical Gas Equipments
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Medical Air CompressorMedical Gas CylinderMedical Gas Regulator
Nasal CannulaOxygen Mask 

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