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  Medical Clothing
Medical clothing or hospital clothing refers to different types of medical apparel, medical scrubs and medical uniforms worn by doctors, surgeons, nurses, general medical staff, patients, porters, cleaners, lab technicians and other medical professionals. There are different types of medical attires available to cover and protect every part of the body. Medical clothing or hospital clothing not only protects the wearer, but also the people who come in close contact with the wearer, if they are severely ill or injured. Medical protective clothing viz. oxygen mask is usually worn to protect oneself from hazardous substances such as chemicals, harmful radiation, bodily fluids, waste products, dirt particles, etc. More precisely, the main purpose of the medical clothing and hospital clothing is to keep bare skin and personal clothing free of contagions, e.g. disposable hospital gowns. A large number of businesses are engaged in the trade of medical apparel or hospital apparel, medical uniforms, and hospital scrubs or medical scrubs wholesale.
  Medical Accessories  Medical Apparels

Medical Accessories
Products classified as medical accessories include medical footwear, medical caps, and medical masks. These items are worn along with other medical clothing and hospital clothing, medical apparel, medical scrubs, hospital scrubs and medical uniforms and hospital uniforms. Medical footwear consists of shoes, slippers or socks worn on the feet by doctors, surgeons, nurses, hospital staff and others involved in providing healthcare. Many medical footwear and hospital scrubs or medical scrubs wholesale suppliers make accessories lightweight, environment friendly, and hygienic. Medical masks are regarded as the protective covering for the face, specifically mouth and nose. Multiple uses of medical masks include protecting the wearer from contamination and preventing droplets from the wearer's nose and mouth to spread in the air around. Medical masks are commonly worn in operating rooms and dentists' clinics. Numerous companies offer Medical accessories, medical uniforms or hospital uniforms, medical apparel and hospital scrubs and medical scrubs wholesale. Commonly used items within this class include foam slippers, medical socks, polypropylene shoe cover, nursing shoes, surgical mask, anaesthesia face masks, etc.

Medical Accessories
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Medical Apparels
Medical apparel or hospital apparel products comprise hospital clothing such as hospital gowns, infants' shirts, medical aprons, surgical caps, surgical gloves worn by doctors, surgeons, nurses, patients, and hospital staff. Hospital gowns are usually short collar-less gowns worn by patients being examined or treated by doctors. Medical apron is a type of garment usually made up of cloth, leather or plastic that is tied about the waist. A huge number of suppliers offer hospital gowns including hospital scrubs, hospital uniforms, hospital apparel and medical scrubs wholesale. Frequently used medical apparel includes fluid repellent gowns, surgical gowns, paediatric gowns, X-ray protective aprons, medical warm up jacket, medical tunics, isolation gowns, surgeon gowns, etc.

Hospital Apparel and Hospital Uniforms
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