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Laryngoscope Laryngoscope is an instrument that is used to examine the vocal cords and the glottis i.e. the space between the vocal cords. Rigid Laryngoscope and Trans Nasal Flexible Laryngoscope are the two types. Rigid Laryngoscope is used for Direct Laryngoscopy i, e. the patient is unconscious. It consists of a light source (bulb), an exchangeable blade and a handle (contains batteries). Tran Nasal Flexible Laryngoscope on the other hand is used for less serious tasks e.g. to see the vocal chords while a person is speaking or singing. Laryngoscopes can be of many types according to the type of blade used, like: Miller and McIntosh. Pakistan, China, India and US are the leading manufacturing countries. The global market of Laryngoscope is about ??1billion per annum. N. America constitutes about 42% of the world market share followed by EU countries with 39% and Asia with 11% share. UAMF Industries, HEMC and Verathon are the prominent brands.

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