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Arthroscopy Instrument
Arthroscopy Instrument The continuous advancements in science and technology have resulted in the invention of most updated and latest arthroscopy instruments. Arthroscopy instruments produced today come in diverse styles and types. Several top-notch companies are now selling high quality arthroscopy instruments having additional and up-to-date features. Arthroscopy instruments includes whole line of electronic and manual instruments such as graspers, scissors, knives, suture passers, probes, or arthroscope. Arthroscopy is performed much like surgery on a hospital bed or on a speciality hospital chair, wherein the chief function of arthroscopy instruments is to help identify various joint disorders, injuries and articular cartilage lesions. This growing industry at present has the share of worth US $ 2 billion. Smith & Nephew is one of the leading suppliers of arthroscopy instruments and devices in the world.

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Arthroscopy Instrument

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  Arthroscopy Instrument

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