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Dental Curette

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Dental Curette
The estimated annual growth rate of all dental equipments together, during last few years has shown a stable growth of 3.7 percent. Dental Curette is one of them. Dental Curette is a dental instrument of a scoop or spoon shape and is used for removing tissues or other growths from a body cavity. It is also used for cleaning a diseased surface. Another use of dental curettes is in adenoidectomy. In this process, a mirror is positioned at the back of the throat so that the adenoids can be viewed. Then the curette is positioned accordingly. The mirror is then withdrawn and the curette is swept across the adenoids, cutting them away. Dental curettes are available in long and thin shapes with sharp hooked ends. They also include varieties of curette patterns including Graceys, Columbias and Langers.

  Dental Curette
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