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Dental Elevator

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Dental Elevator
The global value of shipments of dental instrument is estimated to be US $4.22 billions. Along with Japan and UK, USA is the leading producers of this equipment. This surgical instrument is a necessary tool used to separate the gum from the tooth before the dental forceps are applied. The use of this dental instrument facilitates the removal of a tooth. It also minimizes the tooth breakage and initiates smooth elimination of wrecked tips of the root, if the tooth has been luxated preceding the breakage. Dental elevators also reduce the pressure of the forceps as felt by the patient. Large range of elevators exists for removing teeth or roots within the socket. The three main components of Elevator are a blade, shank and a handle. No. 301, 34S, 46 and no. 77R are commonly used.

  Dental Elevator
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