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Neurosurgery Instrument
Neurosurgery Instrument Growing with an annual rate of 4.1%, sales of neurosugery instruments and devices is envisaged to cross US $ 1.4 billion by the end of year 2012. The neurosugery instruments market is full of dynamic products that are used for treating multitude of neurological diseases like parkinson, cerebral aneurysms, alzheimer, tumors, stroke, arteriovenous malformations and hydrocephalus. With the quick advancements in the technology, neurosugery can now be done easily with greater safety, less pain and fast recovery times. Most of the neurological instrument manufacturers are laying emphasis on providing the highest-quality, high precision and thorough line of devices such as neuro retractors, surgical saw, suction tubes, laser scalpel, forceps, curettes, or rongeurs.

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Neurosurgery Instrument

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  Neurosurgery Instrument

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