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Ophthalmic Instrument
Ophthalmic Instrument The global ophthalmic industry offers innovative, automated and quality ophthalmic devices and equipment to optometrists, ophthalmologists and optical retailers. This industry has a total size of US $ 3.25 billion. Eyewear sector is considered to be one of the largest markets of this whole ophthalmic instruments industry. The market for ophthalmic instruments is occupied by variety of products such as clamps, retractors, needleholder, vasectomy devices, hooks, forceps, disposable, suture rings, needles, blades, knives, rotators, picks, manipulators, spatulas and retractors. Generally, ophthalmic instruments are very costly and require careful cleaning, lubrication and handling. Stainless steel is the most common material used for making these instruments and other materials that can also be used includes chrome, nickel, aluminum, or rubber.

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Ophthalmic Instrument

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  Ophthalmic Instrument

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