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Physiotherapy Equipments
Physiotherapy  Equipments The demand for physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment is expanding because of accelerated changes in the working patterns, food habits and lifestyle of the people. Electric massagers for massage therapies, exercise accessories, weight machine, leg equipment, traction device, suspension aids, electro therapy devices, and exercise bikes are some of the versatile range of physiotherapy equipment available in the market. With the global market share of US $ 6 billion, the physiotherapy and rehabilitation market is envisioned to expand rapidly. China, Belgium, India, United States, United Kingdom and Taiwan are the leading makers of physiotherapy equipment in the world. China manufactures most of the physiotherapy and fitness equipment in the global market. Its total exports of physiotherapy equipment are forecasted to rise to 40% year-on-year, thereby crossing US$1.8 billion by the end of 2008.

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Physiotherapy Equipments

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  Physiotherapy Equipments

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