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Rectal Instrument

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Rectal Instrument
Rectal Instrument Rectal instruments are objects, tools, or implements that aid in the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of diseases affecting the anal cavity, rectum or colon. These devices may be reusable or disposable, flexible or rigid. Many rectal instruments, especially anal probes have a small light bulb mounted at the end to enable a clear view of the inside of the colon. Rectal instruments may be made from plastics, metals or other materials and their design may also vary with their technological components. For instance, modern proctoscopes make use of fiber-optic technology, which enable more extensive observations with less discomfort. There are a number of rectal instruments in use today, some of them include specialty forceps, hooks, ligators, retractors, Hirschman anoscopes, Sims rectal speculum, angiotribe forceps, double ended probes, sphincteroscope, etc.

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  Rectal Instrument
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