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  Medical Model And Chart
Medical model and chart are the visual aid, illustrations, or teaching aids, which are used for describing about major human body systems, organs, structure and their functions. Most of the medical models are three dimensional, easy to assemble and have detachable body parts. These models are the beneficial tools for patient and student education. Medical model and medical chart is often used in motor skills exercises where an artificial yet realistic medical model is needed for the "hands-on" teaching and demonstration of medical and surgical procedures.
  Anatomy Model

Anatomy Model
Anatomy models unlike an anatomy medical chart are three dimensional objects, structures, or skeletons of living organisms and their various body parts. These models are durable, flexible and long lasting. The different types of anatomy models available in the market are brain model, breast model, stomach model, human elbow model, skull model, spine model, eye model, ear model, liver model, kidney model, digestive system model, tooth model, jaw model etc. The anatomical models are mostly used by opticians, dentists, doctors, nurses, students, teachers and other medical professionals who want to study about the anatomy of human body. These medical models enable a more realistic representation of the human body than a medical chart, and are usually made of wax, plastics, polyvinyl, clay, wood etc.

Anatomy Model
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