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Medical Industry Directory
This is a directory of global manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and service providers of various products and services used in medical and healthcare industry. Information provided in this global medical industry directory is well categorized for fast and easy access of the information. This medical industry directory has comprehensive information about the manufacturers and suppliers of various types of products and services used in medical industry including chemicals, drugs and medications viz. antibiotics doxycycline, amoxicillin, chloramphenicol, metronidazole, minocycline, minocycline, etc, herbal products viz. herbal foot cream, henna powder, aloe vera body lotion, neem gel, aromatherapy oils, etc., medical equipment and instruments viz. sponge forceps, curettes, cast saws, operating scissors, etc. Visitors can browse through product categories or search information like name, address and profile of suppliers of various medical industry products.

Medical Products & Services

  • Laboratory Chemical & Gases
    • Anesthesia Gas
    • Chemical Indicators
    • Chemical Solution
    • Dry Chemical
    • Dye
    • Hplc Solvents
    • Laboratory Gas
    • Reagent
    • Respiratory Gas
    • Solvent
  • Laboratory Equipments
    • Electrophoresis Equipment
    • Laboratory Centrifuge
    • Laboratory Microscopes
    • Laboratory Autoclaves
    • Laboratory Consumables
    • Laboratory Incubator
    • Laboratory Mixers
    • Laboratory Water Bath
    • Medical Gas Equipments
  • Patient Aids
    • Bathroom Aids
    • Dining Aid
    • Dressing Aid
    • Hearing Aid
    • Household Aid
    • Kitchen Aid
    • Mobility Aid
    • Orthopaedic Aid
    • Rehabilitation Aid
    • Respiratory Aid
  • Pharmaceutical Service
    • Biotechnology Service
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Chromatographic Analysis
    • Clinical Trial
    • Environmental Testing Monitoring
    • Finished Product Testing
    • Medical Outsourcing Services
    • Microbiological Testing
    • Pharmaceuticals Testing
  • Veterinary Products
    • Animal Feed Supplement
    • Pet Collars
    • Pet Leads
    • Pet Shampoo
    • Veterinary Drugs
    • Veterinary Instrument

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