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  Pharmaceutical Service
Pharmaceutical services includes broad range of specialized and professional business offerings such as testing, outsourcing, transcription, quality assurance, validation, compliance and other types of pharmaceutical services. These business offerings often entail a high level of composition and orchestration of just the right level of skills, resources, tact, and experience for effecting benefits to the medical industry. A large number of varied services are classified under pharmaceutical services such as mercury testing, medical billing service, wastewater analysis, bacterial endotoxin testing, microbial limit testing, vendor sourcing service, pharmaceutical procurement service, hygroscopicity study, pharmaceutical catalysis, medical coding service, blending development, etc.
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Biotechnology Service
These are designed to serve the needs of biotech professionals, clients and other people engaged in the biotechnology industry. The biotechnology services comprises of amino acid analysis, fermentation, cell line development, protein testing, toxicity checking, peptide synthesis, immunology, gene synthesis, DNA testing services, virus seed stock production, endotoxin testing pharmaceutical service. The global market share of biotechnology services industry is worth US $ 50 billions, which is soon expected to witness a hike in coming years.

Biotechnology Service
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Dna Testing ServicesEndotoxin Testing

Chemical Analysis
Is composed of different type of pharmaceutical services namely arsenic testing, drug testing, sediment analysis, wastewater analysis, hazardous waste sample analysis, lead testing, mercury testing etc. Usually, under chemical analysis, the different types of sample materials are analyzed to gain an understanding of their chemical composition and structure.

Pharmaceutical Services - Chemical Analysis
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Drug TestingLead TestingMetals Testing
Water Analysis  

Chromatographic Analysis
Chromatographic analysis pharmaceutical services involve separation of chemical substances or composite mixtures into its individual components and at the same time give a quantitative estimate of each constituent. This is a technique, which include a sample extract being mixed in gas, liquid or supercritical fluid. In the field of medicine, chromatographic analysis is used for identifying the presence of narcotics or aspirin in urine and blood samples. Examples of frequently use chromatographic techniques include liquid chromatography, affinity chromatography, anion exchange chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, chiral chromatography, gas chromatography, paper chromatography and more.

Pharmaceutical Services - Chromatographic Analysis
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Gas ChromatographyLiquid Chromatography
Clinical Trial
Clinical trial pharmaceutical services involve careful investigation and examination of effects and results of drugs, medical devices, treatment or measures in the human body. This type of service makes use of human volunteers for inspecting or testing modern ways of screening, treatment, prevention and diagnosis of a disorder. More specifically, these are research pharmaceutical services in which researchers conduct clinical trials for testing hypothesis about the after effect of particular agent on a pathological ailment condition. Frequently used clinical trial exercises include bioanalytical services, biological specimen analysis, mass spectrometry, chromatography services, clinical study monitoring, clinical trials management service, clinical trials data management, efficacy and safety data verification, inspection service, safety evaluation, etc.

Pharmaceutical Services - Clinical Trial
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Bioanalytical ServicesClinical Trials Management ServiceQuality Assurance Services

Environmental Testing Monitoring
Environmental testing monitoring comprises of various pharmaceutical services such as microbial surface testing, non-viable particulate sampling, microbial air sampling and microbial water testing. This type of research service can easily identify presence of viable microbial and non-viable particulate levels of any area used for pharmaceutical cleanroom, medical device and or other manufacturing purposes. Common examples of environmental testing monitoring include microorganism identification, environmental monitoring tests, nonviable particulate analysis, viable particulate analysis, etc.

Environmental Testing Monitoring
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Environmental Monitoring Tests

Finished Product Testing
Finished Product Testing Finished product testing is the routine examination, identification of impurities, analysis of active or other ingredients present in a drug or medicine. The finished product testing includes array of pharmaceutical services such as inspection of raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, finished products and other excipients according to prescribed limits.
Medical Outsourcing Services
Nowadays sophisticated technologies are forming an integral part of drug development process, and in order to get superior technology, qualitative products and pharmaceutical services in a short span of time, many companies are looking out for outsourcing partners. Medical outsourcing consists of diverse business offerings, which are outsourced to third party. A number of pharmaceutical services are outsourced such as calibration service, pharmaceutical distribution service, medical transcription service, medical billing service, medical coding service, medical claims processing service, pharmaceutical regulatory service, pharmaceutical commissioning, electropolishing service, pharmaceutical engineering service, medical coding, medical billing, vendor sourcing, and many more. Globally, the medical outsourcing industry accounts for approximately US $ 200 billions.

Pharmaceutical Services - Medical Outsourcing
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Analytical StudyCalibration ServiceElectropolishing Service
Medical Billing ServiceMedical Coding ServiceMedical Transcription Service
Packaging ServicePharmaceutical CommissioningPharmaceutical Engineering Service
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing ServicePharmaceutical Regulatory Service 

Microbiological Testing
Microbiological testing include strict examination and inspection of food and drink samples. Microbiological testing prescribes specific microbial limits for all major pathogens, bacteria, yeast, bacteria, and moulds present in food and drink products. A number of microbiological tests are frequently employed by the pharmaceutical industry, some of them are aerobic plate count test, bioburden testing, antimicrobial effectiveness test, bacterial identification method, bacterial test, coliform test, fungicidal testing, lactobacillus testing, listeria testing microbial limit testing, plate count test, preservative effectiveness test, spore test, sterility testing, etc.

Microbiological Testing
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Bioburden TestingSterility Testing

Pharmaceuticals Testing
Pharmaceutical testing is a type of research study, which is used for identifying that pharmaceuticals conform to prescribed standards of strength, quality, purity and identity. This testing technique sees whether pharmaceuticals are safe, effective, pure, and of acceptable flavor or not. More precisely, it is an examination of effectiveness and safety of a diagnostic tool, treatment and prophylactic intervention. Commonly available and frequently used pharmaceutical tests include dissolution testing, drug stability testing, impurities tests, drug stability testing, mechanical allodynia test, rheological properties testing, automatic rotation test, disintegration testing thermal hyperalgesia test, etc.

Pharmaceuticals Testing
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Disintegration TestingDissolution Testing

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