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Medical Industry Publications
Medical industry publications features detailed information about leading international magazines, business journals, and tabloids relating to the global medical industry. It is a most useful section for suppliers, traders, medical equipment dealers, consultants, wholesalers, buyers and other healthcare professionals who are curious to know about the latest emerging trends in the global medical industry. Information constituted in this segment is inclusive of every single detail of publications including their web addresses, frequency and other relevant details. The medical industry publications that are mentioned in this section is further divided into four broad categories such as:

Medical Industry Equipment Publications

Includes a compilation of worldwide magazines, trade journals, periodicals related to various types of equipment and devices used in medical industry such as laboratory autoclaves, diagnostic equipment, packaging devices, waste management equipment, cleanroom devices e.g. environmental sensor, medical instruments viz. viz. stitch scissors, rectal instruments, dermal instruments, suture scissors, temperature control equipment, medical gas equipment etc. We have just provided the brief details of the publications and for other details, kindly visit their respective websites.
Medical industry equipment publication

Medicated Product Publications

The major areas covered in the medicated product publications comprise medicated personal care products viz. antiseptic cream, herbal gels, amla shampoo, etc, veterinary products, patient aids, biotechnology products etc. Some of the key publications listed here are surgical products, advanced biotech, clinical lab products, natural products e.g. orange scrub, prevention, physical therapy products e.g. spa table, etc.
Medicated product publication

Pharmaceutical Industry Publications

Pharmaceutical industry publications provided in this category disseminates a wide range of information pertaining to various types of drugs viz. rifampicin, pacitaxel, levocetirizine, cefaclor, chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, health supplements and alternative medicines and products e.g. papaya gel, etc. We have collected a list of major magazines, journals, and periodicals published and distributed throughout the world in this section. For detailed information, please see their websites.
Pharmaceutical industry publication

Healthcare Services Publications

The healthcare services publications mentioned in this category provides listing of various magazines and journals with corresponding links to their websites. For your convenience, we have covered information about other allied segments of healthcare services industry as well such as medical outsourcing, biotechnology, testing, clinical trial services etc.
Healthcare services publication

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