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Medical Industry Trade Shows
Trade shows are the meeting places where the business is promoted by exhibiting and demonstrating new products and services pertinent to a particular industry. The worldwide medical industry boasts of several trade shows pertaining to different segments including medicines and drugs viz. ornidazole, clemastine, acarbose, penicillins, insulin, etc., medical equipment and instruments viz. suture forceps, cast shear, aspirating syringes, periodontal knife, furnace tongs, etc., healthcare products, pharma products, medical devices, healthcare services, hospital supplies viz. surgical blades, gauze rolls, sanitary products, incontinence pads, fistula needle, syringes, etc. dental products, alternative medications, veterinary products etc. The top five leading medical industry trade shows organized all across the world are China Med, China Pharm, Medex Cairo, Medicine Belarus, and Healthcare Arabia. The United States medical industry organizes 571 trade shows every year. Other countries include China, United Kingdom, Russia, UAE and Germany. Our medical industry trade shows section contains requisite information about various trade events, exhibitions, expositions and B2B meets from all across the globe. Kindly, click on the links below to get the most comprehensive and accurate information about trade events, along with name of the organizer, their event profile, venues and dates.

Upcoming Trade Shows

Holy Novosibirsk
(01-MAR-17 - 31-MAR-17)
Event Profile : The event named as Holy will deal with wide range of temple furniture, iconography, and also regarding orthodox traditional jewelry. Thus event like this will organize wide range of workshops, seminar presentation, and open forum questionnaires with the help of it the exhibitors will showcase wide range of products and services which include those of temple furniture, Iconography, spiritual education, church printing, publishing, pilgrimage, bell casting, and also art and craft related products and services. Beside this the event will cordially invite all the eminent professionals and experts from the industrial products industry.
Venue: Railway Station Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk, Russia

Collier County Fair
(16-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : It is time for you to visit the grand event namely Collier County Fair. Reputed exhibitors will gather here to showcase products and services like latest and advanced products and services related to the sectors of entertainment, agriculture, livestock, outdoor and games. All the products and services available here are affordable for the visitors. The collections here will make you crave for more and more. The exhibitors buyers will get to interact with prospective buyers and establish a friendly relation
Venue: Collier County Fair Grounds, Naples, United States Of America

Lyon International Fair
(17-MAR-17 - 27-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Lyon International Fair will be attended by interior designers, retailers and eminent experts related to the sector of designing. All kinds of home and office decoration items, fabrics, Handicraft Products, Furnishing Decoration, Kitchen and Bathroom accessories, clothing and apparel designing techniques will be given supreme importance in this event. Designers from all over the world will attend this event and will get a chance to adopt the latest techniques which will help in the improvement of designing industry.
Lyon International Fair will give an opportunity to the exhibitors to display the latest and advanced Furnishing Decoration, Home improvements techniques, Handicraft, soft furnishings and decorative accessories. The display of these products and will make this event more advanced and more unique.
Venue: Eurexpo, Denton, United States Of America

Euregio Wirtschaftsschau
(17-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : The event named as Euregio Wirtschaftsschau will showcase wide variety of fashion and lifestyle related products and services associated with this field. Thus event like this will organize wide variety of workshops, seminar presentation, and open forum questionnaires with the help of it the exhibitors will showcase products and services like fashion related products, gifts, home wares, jewelry related items, kitchenware, lifestyle products, kids wear, lighting devices, soft furnishing wellness, and beauty related products associated with this field. In addition to this the event will cordially invite all the eminent and distinguished experts associated with this field.
Venue: Albert Servais Allee, Denton, United States Of America

Chicago Flower & Garden Show
(18-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : We will see next year in the month of March a Show named as the Chicago Flower & Garden Show. It will begin on 5th of March and will go for nine days and will end on the 13th of the same month. It will be organized by Special Event Management and will be sponsored by the organizations like Affinia Hotels, Navy Pier and their co-partners. Its main motto will be to promote the business of companies which deal in products which help us in gardening and farming of flowers. One will get a chance to go through the exhibited products and will be able to choose according to one’s own choice. Educational seminars will be held to help the people who are interested in horticulture.
Venue: Navy Pier, Chicago, United States Of America

(18-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Equitana Open Air is the easiest way for the companies dealing with horse riding products and accessories to reach their target customers. It is the best place to be for all those people who are directly or indirectly involved in the horse riding related sports like polo, horse jumping etc. All sorts of accessories from boots to breaches, from saddles to harnesses are showcased in this exhibition. The visitors get to see similar products of different designs, materials and brands which helps them to pick the right one in a convenient way.
Equitana Open Air paves way for further developments and innovations in this field through discussions and exchange of ideas and opinions. The exhibitors get a golden chance of brand building and developing business relations. Thus, these 3 days are very crucial for the business of this sector.
Venue: Essen Exhibition Centre (Messe Essen), Essen, Germany

Rhineland Palatinate Expo
(18-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : The upcoming event named as Rhineland Palatinate Expo will showcase wide range of garden and construction based products and services associated with this field. Thus an event like this will gather all the eminent and distinguished exhibitors from this field and in turn they will showcase products and services especially in the fields of construction, energy conservation, gardening, housing and six other genres as a whole. Beside this the event because of its unique and dynamic nature will cordially invite al the eminent and distinguished experts from this field.
Venue: Mainzer Messegelande, Denton, United States Of America

(21-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : MEBEL will be celebrating its 38th edition in exhibiting designer and antique range of furniture which is an essential component in the housing, commercial and industrial sectors. It is a perfect platform where the craftsmen can get a place to explore their skills and also enrich ones talents as the exhibitors have arranged workshops and seminars conducted by the experts. The show is known to be the best one of its kind, completely owing to its classic and reliable range of furniture.
MEBEL has gained reputation all over the world and the positive reaction from the attendees has helped it to stand in the leading position amongst the other exhibitions of its kind. The interested candidates can visit this long seven days show being held at Skopje Fair Exhibition Ground established in the city of Skopje.
Venue: Skopje Fair Exhibition Ground, Skopje, Macedonia

International Boat Show
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Norwegian International Boat Show is the most important boat event that will continue for six days in Norway Trade Fairs, Lillestrom. The event is a one of its kind show that will exhibit canoes, sail, sailing dinghies, rubber boats and many more such kind of products. The event will showcase various marine related products and decorative products for yacht and boats that are satisfies the attendees and also fits perfectly on the applied field.
Norwegian International Boat Show serves to be a perfect platform attracting world class brands and exhibitors who will guide the attendees coming from different parts of the world. Various informative activities will be hosted by representatives and professional experts present in this event.
Venue: Norway Trade Fairs, Lillestrom, Norway

Salo de L Ensenyament
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Salo de L Ensenyament is going to be a significant event which is going to focus on the different aspects associated with training and education industry. It is going to be a vital event that will hold important exhibition that will showcase various courses associated with this field like University courses, Vocational Training courses, Language courses, Primary, secondary and baccalaureate schools, Other higher education courses, Complementary courses, Occupational training and more for the needy.
Salo de L Ensenyament is mainly for the Industry Professionals, Academicians, Professors, Management, Consultants, Decision makers from important technical and training institutions and colleges and more who are the vital visitors of this event. People who want to venture partnership can also be the important visitors of this event.
Venue: Montjuic Exhibition Centre, Barcelona, Spain

PAD Paris Art + Design
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Pavillon Des Arts Et Du Design exhibits a diverse range of antiques, furniture, decoration items, jewelries and various trendy and designer range. The products displayed in this exhibition possess a touch of French designs and taste. The visitors get to interact with the manufacturers of these products and clear the doubts that one possess. Workshops are held where the artists and craftsmen get to explore their talents and skills.
Pavillon Des Arts Et Du Design will observe the participation of more than 100 exhibiting companies who will play host to over 40000 visitors from the all over the world. This exhibition will be held for five long days at Tuileries - Esplanade des Feuillants, Paris.
Venue: Jardin des Tuileries, Paris, France

Boston Flower & Garden Show
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Boston Flower & Garden Show is a five days conference and it can be stated as the largest horticultural happening in Boston that will surely provide the tools and inspiration to kick off the season in style. This can be a great gathering for professionals related to Horticulture and for those who loves flowers and plants, gardens and landscape design. The products which are up for display over here are Planting materials, Seeds, Decoration plants, Interior decoration, Watering systems, Hothouses, Horticulture machinery, Feeding and protection remedies, nursery plants and more.
Boston Flower & Garden Show will invite visitors like Landscapers, Gardeners, Decorators, Floral artists, Agronomists, Farmers and estate owners, Professionals related to the field of Flower and plant collections, floristry supplies and they are all trade visitors.
Venue: Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, United States Of America

Atlanta International Auto Show
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : The most awaited event named as Atlanta International Auto Show will showcase wide range of vehicles, and car based products and services associated with this field. Thus an event like this will gather all the eminent and distinguished exhibitors from this field and in turn they will showcase products and services like import and domestic cars, light trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles, luxury cars, economy cars, family cars, sports cars, hybrids, electric vehicles, convertibles, limited production cars, and light trucks associated with this field. In addition to this the event because of its unique and dynamic nature will gather all the eminent and distinguished experts from this field.
Venue: Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, United States Of America

Drawing Now Paris
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : The targeted audiences who are cordially invited to take active part in this show namely Drawing Now Paris are owners of art galleries of more than 80 in number along with art lovers, collectors and enthusiasts who will gather in this podium from various corners of the world. You can easily attend this event and at the same time create face to face interaction with the eminent personalities who are associated with this field for quite some time now. Some of the products which are easily available here are latest and advanced products and services including fine and contemporary art, paintings and sculptures, various kinds of art works and the list are endless.
Venue: Carreau du Temple, Paris, France

Perth Caravan & Camping Show
(22-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : The event named as Perth Caravan & Camping Show will showcase wide variety of camping and caravan related products and services associated with this field. Thus event like this will organize wide variety of workshops, seminar presentation, and open forum questionnaires with the help of it the exhibitors will showcase products like caravans, old fashioned tents, 4WD gears, camping, and fishing equipments associated with this field. In addition to this the event will cordially invite all the eminent and distinguished experts associated with this field.
Venue: Claremont Showgrounds, Perth, Australia

Fred Halls San Diego Show
(23-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Fred Halls San Diego Show is a comprehensive and dynamic international outdoor adventure fair in San Diego. It will bring together a host of vendors of outdoor adventure equipments and accessories along with related organizations, professionals, service providers, instructors and guest speakers. It will focus on various sections of adventure sports and outdoor activities like boating, hunting, shooting, diving, camping, etc. It will be a great opportunity for the exhibitors to showcase their products and services to a target audience of trade visitors and adventure enthusiasts in order to avail new partnerships and increased sales.
Fred Halls San Diego Show is the ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts to discover a range of leading adventure destinations, quality adventure gear like boating, fishing, hunting and diving costumes, instruments, equipments and accessories, travel, lodging and camping services, etc. and learning adventure sports skills.
Venue: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, United States Of America

(23-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Abilmente will be the finest exhibition featuring creative hobbies around the world. Visitors will be enchanted by the exclusive variety of products and innovative techniques and ideas which will help them to enhance the imagination. Exhibitors will fascinate the visitors by showcasing decorative and creative items which includes antique jewelry, antique furniture, antique clocks, antiquities, art glass, art works, decorative art, glass ware, hand woven carpets & rugs, handicrafts, modern edition, young arts fair etc. Hobbyists will get the new ideas from upcoming artist to develop the creativity. Abilmente will enlighten the knowledge of the participants by organizing small classes inside the exhibition. It will be a good platform to combine creative ideas for making something unique and innovative.
Venue: Fiera di Vicenza, Vicenza, Italy

Prodite Fair
(23-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Prodite Fair is completely dedicated in showcasing children products that are sure to offer a great satisfaction to the little ones and also to the guardians who have accompanied them. Play stations are arranged where the children can spend time with the sample products. Educational programs are held for both the parents and children, which educates about the ways of bringing up a child and also about few minor things that must be implemented in the kids, respectively.
Prodite Fair has received positive feedback from the attendees and this reaction has motivated the exhibitors about the recent developments in the market. The exhibition can be attended by the general public as also by the companies who deal in trading with these items. This children expo will be held for four days at Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno.
Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic

(23-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Moldconstruct will focus on the latest trends and techniques which will help in the advancement of road, office and house construction. This expo will also make the technical and professional experts related to building and construction industry aware of the modern techniques and advanced materials which will help in the growth of building and construction industry. Architects, Builders, Civil and Consulting Engineers and Financiers can exchange their innovative ideas, thoughts and views with each other by attending this expo.
Moldconstruct will take place in Chisinau. Relevant ways of bringing some improvements in the building and construction industry will be highlighted in this event and will attract a large number of construction industry professionals, architects and builders from all over the world.
Venue: Moldexpo International Exhibition Centre(IEC), Chisinau, Moldova

Fishing Expo-Brno
(23-MAR-17 - 26-MAR-17)
Event Profile : Rybareni Expo is the foremost international trade fair for the adventure tourism industry dedicated to fishing. It will present a comprehensive showcase of fishing tackle like fishing nets, fishing hooks, fishing boats, fishing rods and ropes, fishing baits and many other products, equipments and services related to fishing adventures. It will bring together many manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of fishing tackle. It will be a great platform for over 67 exhibitors to network with their trade partners and consumer clients.
Rybareni Expo will be the ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts to plan a perfect fishing trip with world class fishing equipments and in leading fishing destinations. It will attract around 42,994 visitors including professionals and institutions providing services related to adventure tourism and general public.
Venue: Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno, Czech Republic

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