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  Veterinary Products
Veterinary products refer to pet supplies, pet accessories, surgical boxes, equipment, tools, devices, rectal instruments, drugs, etc that veterinarians (animal doctors) use to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate abnormal medical conditions in animals. Pet products on the other hand refer to items such as feeds, feed additives, accessories (pet collars, leads, shampoo, etc) and other supplies used by pet owners or domesticated animal owners for the rearing and upkeep of the pets health and hygiene. A large number of pet supplies wholesale companies deal in these pet accessories.

The scope for growth for veterinary products wholesale companies making medicines is large. For instance, the need for prevention of diseases in domesticated animals has led to the growth in veterinary vaccines market at a rate of 6%, which is expected to be worth US $5.1 billion by 2012. As for wholesale pet products, which include toys, care products, foods, storage and feeding products, collars, leads and other utility products, the market value of pet supplies wholesale in just the U.K. stood close to US $6.8 billion in 2006.
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Animal Feed Supplement
Pet supplies wholesale companies refer to feed supplements as the additional foods or nutritional substances that are given to animals with the main aim of improving and enhancing their performance. They are provided to animals with the purpose of overcoming dietary shortfalls in their food and also for achieving improved rearing or breeding. The veterinary products and pet supplies wholesale companies produce these supplements out of carefully selected ingredients, that are highly fortified, are nutritionally engineered and make livestock farming effective. A large number of pet products and pet supplies wholesale companies are engaged in this trade.

Animal Feed Supplement
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Pet Collars
Pet collars are pet accessories and are marketed by veterinary products and pet supplies wholesale companies as a kind of a necklace or a ring like band, which is strapped around the neck of an animal. These pet accessories could be made of rubber, leather or a piece of fabric. Further, these pet accessories are usually flexible and generally equipped with a tight leash. These pet products are made available in market by pet products and pet supplies wholesale manufacturers in various sizes, shapes and colors as wholesale pet products and pet accessories.

Pet Collars
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Pet Leads
Pet leads are long ribbons or ropes, which are attached to pet collars tied around neck of an animal. Pet leads come in a large variety of colors, sizes, length, and designs. These pet accessories are sturdy, and often incorporate safety elastic or bell. These pet accessories are usually made by veterinary products and pet supplies wholesale companies from fine quality of materials such as leather, cotton, nylon, polyester or other fabrics and are sold as wholesale pet products by a large number of pet products suppliers and pet products manufacturers.

Pet Leads
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Pet Shampoo
Pet Shampoo Pet shampoo is a type of a liquid or cream preparation made up of either soap or detergent used for washing hair and scalp of animals. Veterinary products and pet supplies wholesale companies classify it as a hair care product, which is applied on the hair of animals for removing oil, skin particles, dirt, and other foreign particles that get accumulated in the hair of pets. The main aim of these pet supplies is to condition the hair of animals and clean the unwanted impurities without causing any damage to the animal. Wholesale pet products of shampoos are made available by pet accessories companies in a wide variety, and many pet products suppliers and pet supplies wholesale companies sell shampoos that are free of harmful chemicals and are scented make the pet smell good.

Veterinary Drugs
Veterinary pharmaceutical industry is an important sector of the global veterinary industry. Veterinary medications are veterinary products used primarily to relieve and managing the suffering of pets arising from diseases such as fever, itchy skin, hair loss, tick, cancer, rabies, ear mites, dysentery, tumors, worms etc. In addition, these veterinary products also help in improving production of animal products among variety of animals. Some common veterinary drugs available with veterinary products and companies dealing in pet pet accessories are anti-allergics e.g. fexofenadine, anti fungals, analgesics, antibiotics, anti-diabetics e.g. metformin propylene glycol, aspirin, hormones, vibramycin, carprofen etc.

Veterinary Drugs
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Veterinary Instrument
Veterinary instruments produced by veterinary products companies include a variety of apparatuses such as hypodermic needles, anesthesia apparatus, blood transfusion equipment, dissecting scissors, catheters, surgical clamps, laryngoscopes and medical thermometers specifically used for diagnosing diseases or other abnormal medical conditions in animals. Globally, the market size of veterinary products within the pet accessories pet products industry tantamounts to US $ 2 billion and numerous pet supplies wholesale companies are engaged in meeting the market demand.

Veterinary Instruments
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