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Waste Management Plant
Waste Management Plant The number of waste management organizations in the US around the year 2000 were an estimated 27,000, including private sector companies and public sector governmental and quasi-governmental organizations. Over 55 percent had public sector ownership, while 45 percent were privately held, and only 0.1 percent were publicly traded. Further, the solid waste industry earned an estimated total revenue of US$43.3 billion, of which about 76 percent was generated by the private sector.

The annual revenues for the waste management and recycling market in the European Union (EU )are to the tune of US$133 billion.

In developing countries, the local municipalities spend up to 50% of their current budgets on solid waste management, however, about 30-60% of all solid waste is still uncollected and more than 50% of the population still isn't covered. In many cases within these countries, the existing collection and transport equipment, nearly 80%, may simply be out of service awaiting repair.

Successful development of any solid waste management projects and plants will require community participation. As it will augment collection, cost recovery, siting and design of plants and facilities. Further, more and more waste is produced and as populations increase, novel and more effective ways of managing waste will have developed.

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Waste Management Plant

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  Waste Management Plant

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 Waste Treatment Plant  
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