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Waste Treatment Equipment
Waste Treatment Equipment The established waste treatment technologies around the world include composting, incineration, landfill, recycling, and windrow composting. The market for waste incinerators has made progress during the past couple of years. An important reason behind it is that they are now available in several new forms such as gasification plants, pyrolysis machines, and plasma arc facilities. The trend is also evident from the fact that throughout the world the capacity for incinerators has been increasing from 160 to 200 million tonnes each year over the past decade. In the next five years this capacity is expected to grow to 240 million tonnes per year. This growth, in part, is driven by the increasing shortage of land available for landfilling in the metropolitan regions of the world. At the same time the generation of waste is increasing. The composting market on the other hand continues to expand and interest in garbage composting and digestion has increased. A lot of this progress, in the US, is attributed to government funded research in the 1970s and the 80s. The future of composting resides in bioengineering that make use of compost and different soft design methods in place of walls, storm water vaults, etc.

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Waste Treatment Equipment

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  Waste Treatment Equipment

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