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Waste Water Treatment Equipment
Waste Water Treatment Equipment The U.S. wastewater treatment equipment markets registered a revenue totaling $774.4 million in 2004 and is forecast to reach $1324.1 million by 2011. The growth is attributed to the introduction of many new treatment processes for wastewater treatment, for both industrial and municipal markets. Increasing water reuse is further being fueled by the water shortage situation in several geographical areas. Other contributing factors include population growth, tighter regulations, increasing costs of clean water and an awareness about protection the clean water sources. Outsourcing will gain popularity due to the stress on regulatory compliance, and the high-end services will require greater capital investments in wastewater treatment facilities. In addition, the existing framework of the U.S. market demands innovative contract pricing models, strategic partnerships, and a focus on trends, e.g. a skew toward non-chemical and multi-barrier treatment, package plants for smaller communities, etc.

Within the European Union, wastewater treatment equipment market, the biological wastewater treatment equipment segment is the most established segment. Reasons for the same include its stronghold in the municipal sector and its increasing popularity in the industrial sector. Also, and as a result of the strict EU Directives on wastewater treatment, this market continues to provide opportunities as well as challenges for equipment suppliers. The biological wastewater treatment equipment market in EU is worth more than US$1 billion.

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Waste Water Treatment Equipment

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  Waste Water Treatment Equipment

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